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Thread: Tips for fast leveling up

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    Lightbulb Tips for fast leveling up

    Hi heroes,
    Below are tips for heroes not lvl 30 yet. Those who are already 30+ can consult the great list of daily quests of Syltom.
    • Newbies should try to join a guild, this is greatly beneficial, much more XP and resources, get help from strong guildmates too
    • Use enlightenment stone to boost 10% of XP (did not know this until I found it in Whispering plains
    • Use XP shards wisely, while they are activated, focus mostly on high XP quests
    • Do "help people..." quests of each town, which combines several small quests into one with big XP reward
    • If possible, try to memorize those "help people..." quests and do not need to accept them to avoid they taking up slots in your quest list (as this will prevent you from accepting more quests later)

    P.S.: leveling up too fast also has draw-back, you may not have enough time to practise and get used to your new skills. So keep this in mind, heroes and enjoy playing.

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    When using xp shards:
    grab fighting quests with best xp ratio (3 daily + cities quests) and then use shard and end quests (there are quests for more then 200k xp points each).
    in 1 minute you are getting bonus and have some time left for some speed quests. You can use auto battle license to get some additional fast xp for killing some type of enemy (I am not sure why but I was not able to do xpert battles with auto license lately).
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