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Thread: Bugs after today's maintenance

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    Bugs after today's maintenance


    I fought two battles afters today's maintencnce. Weird things happens:
    - Warlords Command did not work. The heros turn passed, the cooldown started, but my unit did not receive another turn.
    - Enemy creatures attacked me without first moving towards be, despite their attach range being 1.
    - Sometimes the only possible action of my unit was Defend. All other clicks were simply ignored.
    - Some units could only attck, but not move.
    - Liches Decay-Attack did not work.

    Do you keep records of the last battles maybe? It is hard to describe.

    I had to retreat because of these bugs, loosing some nice units.

    How can I know if this is fixed without loosing any more units?

    Thank you in advance


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    Goreslam, this is a "Visual-Bug" .... except for your hero .... all your units did attacked and all enemies did moved, but that is not shown visually, so at round 2 they are already near you but you can't see that and when they get their turn again, it's like they jumped across the whole map to catch you.

    When that happens (usually start with your hero missing spells/action bar .... just refresh your browser ... if enemy turn has passed and they didn't move, refresh again, you'll see where they have moved.
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    bugs and lags thats all we get from them

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