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Thread: Chromatic: Interested in Joining?

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    Chromatic: Interested in Joining?

    Chromatic Members often get requests for details on how to join our guild. For those of you who have made inquiries, we wanted to share a little about who we are and who we invite to join us.

    Who is Chromatic?

    Like the name suggests, Chromatic is a multi-coloured, international group of heroes who understand that being in a vital and thriving Guild requires the active participation of all of her members.

    We are a team and share mutual goals. Together, we work hard and while we are competitive, we strive to maintain a community environment.

    We look for people - not hero or equipment stats - when bringing new members into the fold.

    Our basic goals are:

    1. Have FUN
    2. Actively Participate in Guild Events
    3. Be Coachable: The best heroes never stop learning
    4. Contribute to Guild Evolution
    5. Invest in Yourself and Your Guildmates: This makes for a Stronger Guild

    As a guild, we place a strong emphasis on participation in expeditions, assisting our guild-mates and personal hero development, including raiding, T13 Gear Farming, etc..

    Potential candidates are main heroes only, courteous and guild-minded.

    You must have a minimal understanding of English, so we can better communicate with you via Guild Chat or Teamspeak. Access to a headset with mic (or even without), is a real asset, especially when doing high-level battles.

    Should you find that, having read the above, you think you could fit in with our dynamic and would like to speak to us further, please send an in-game email to Nitra or Onliy.

    Good luck in all of your Battles.

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    As you can see, we embrace all expedition battles!! Do we employ a little overkill? YES WE DO!!!!

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