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Thread: Login duration?

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    Login duration?

    Is there a preset number of hours, or a set time of day for automatically being logged out? I am becoming extremely frustrated with continual game crashes (usually invalid sessions) during a battle and having to log in fresh after restarting the game - and losing valuable troops as a result! Over the last six months, I have lost over 40 Drifting Faceless due to this, which is very, very upsetting because I cannot replace them. I have also lost many Archliches, but those I can easily replace. I readily accept losing troops occasionally due my own mistakes in a battle - that is the nature of the game and to be expected, but losing them through no fault of my own makes me feel like throwing game out the window...

    If I could be certain there was a set time every 24 hours when I am automatically logged right out of the game, I would make sure not become involved in a battle around that period to be safe? I generally log in around 12:00 (GMT+12) each day and can expect at least one, sometimes two, logouts at varying times over the next 2-4 hours.

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    Dear NowhereBoy,

    thak you very much for your feedback. To avoid troop losses please clear the cache of your browser and flash player on regular basis. If you notice that the game stucks, please relog before you enter the battle. You also can send a ticket to support and apply for troops reimbursement.


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