The Hero in Shining Armor!

Dear Heroes,

Ashan challenges you every day, it doesn't matter if you just started the game or if you are a strong Dragon Knight already. One day you will require help one way or another. And then they come: Heroes in shining armor!

We want to know: Who is the most noble helper in Ashan?

Please share which Hero has assisted you the most on your adventures through Ashan and add a short story to your submission. You may post your submission here. The submission phase ends on August the 29th. After this date you can vote for the most helpful Hero until September the 12th. (2 weeks)

The winner will receive supporter status, a custom forum title of his or her choice and in addition a 30 Day Comboshard to help even more Heroes on their adventures!

From all the participants we draw three Heroes who will receive a Premium Refinement.

The Rules:
* You can nominate once and only one player, no self-nominations allowed.
* The Code of Conduct and the Terms of Service need to be followed.
* Participants and nominees need to have an active MMHO game account.
* Participants agree that submitted contributions, including players’ names may be published by BlueByte. (On the website, forum and on Facebook.)
* Employees of BlueByte and their immediate families are not eligible to win.
* Any recourse to courts of law excluded.
(Each server has it's own seperated event!)

We are looking forward to read all of your stories!