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Thread: can't reactivate building in province

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    can't reactivate building in province

    guild: Teamwork
    Building: troup house 1 (Truppenbehausung1)

    we filled Building with all materials was needed to repaire.
    a member clicked next to reactivate the Building.
    a other member has seen the Building approximately 1 Minute later in normal an entered the Building to have a look what materials are needing to upgrade.
    stucks in loading Screen.
    goes out of Building and entered againe
    the Building shines in blue, no troups are recruitable, by clicking hammer Symbol --> stucks in loading Screen

    These informations are going to Support yesterday evening, new expeditionweek started and we have no Building for most needed troups

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    I am afraid you will have to wait for the next maintenance for the building to get unstuck.

    Sometimes it helps to have all members leave the guild province for no less than 15 minutes (and ALL of them need to do it or it will not work for sure). This sometimes helps the province to reset and display correctly.

    But maybe our support can give you more input.

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