Dear Heroes,

The submission phase of the event has come to an end. We have asked you to submit stories about your Hero in shining armor, sadly only 1 story got submitted. All others have been disqualified as they are reasons and not stories like we have asked. Because of this, we are skipping the voting phase.

Therefore MissZippi is the one and only Hero in shining armor on this server! MissZippi you may contact me (BB_Eraya) in PM with the forum title you would like to get! The other prizes will be added to your account soon.

The story about MissZippi:
Nobody really knows where she came from. Some say, she is a fallen angel and helps - now as a death-knight - other heroes to prove that she deserves to go back to heaven again. Others say, she is just a brutal killer and loves to help other heroes to free Ashan from all the evil creatures. Well, maybe she is both. We fought together very often, and I swear, I`ve never seen her taking hostages.

I met MissZippi a long time ago when she came along the way, somewhere between Ottersbau and Graustein, ...with her mule. I remember, I was in search of some chicken... for my quest... and I asked her, if she could help me to find them. Her mule is a really slow animal, so hours later I gathered all the chicken I needed. Since then she rides her rounds in Ashan, as quick as it could be with a mule, and offers her help when someone kindly asks for it. In addition she was the head oft the legendary guild Ruhmesritter for a long time and she regularly organizes expeditions and raids.

Although lots of heroes left Ashan already because of the many annoying bugs, which nobody takes care for, and because there is nothing really new happening in Ashan for a long time, she is still there making her rounds, helping other heroes and hoping that Ashan will become a bigger country once with new adventures, with new races and heroes...... and of course new enemies too.