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Thread: Halloween Event (??!)

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    Exclamation Halloween Event (??!)

    Halloween is long gone...
    We had time to celebrate Dead and Undead..

    But so far no news from Heroes Team - What is wrong dear devs / mods?
    Could we get any information why Halloween event didn't start this year, or when it's going to start please?

    I assume it will start eventually...
    It will be great disappointment having this event cancelled without any notice after 2 years.

    Please advise

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    Could anyone comment? Event was not here. Does this mean attenuation games? Blue Byte reduces or suspends its online games.

    Silent Hunter Online - 31.10. 2016 ended

    Panzer General Online - 31.10.2016 ended

    ANNO Online is now in maintenance mode - no new features, no new content, no Newsletter, no Seasonal Events (Valentine, Easter, Halloween and Christmas Event)

    Heroes online - ????? - no information, no interest Support Team? Community of players they probably deserve at least some information about future games, if you have to invest.

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