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Thread: V.i.p status

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    Cool V.i.p status

    Probably a bit late in the day considering Ubisoft has already announched it's plans to move away from F2P games.
    Ubisoft should have done this from day 1 ..
    I personally think that a lot of the players that spent money and have subsequently left the game would still be playing now!

    The V.I.P. status would involved players that wanted new content in the game (suggest a subscription of $25 a month by direct debit).

    Being a V.I.P. would entitle and account holder advance access to new content (1 month ahead of other non V.I.P.accounts).

    The rewards for V.I.P. accounts could be :-
    5000 seals each month
    Early access to new content (there are 3 portals in the province which so far have not been used).
    Their own trader where they could get special attire, unique titles, different dyes. new pets,
    Every 3 months of continual V.I.P. status is rewarded with a equipment value artifact of 420 plus

    Really the list is endless (be creative Ubisoft / Blue Byte.

    As I said above its probably to late and ONCE AGAIN the 'company' has missed out on a golden opportunity to have its cake and eat it.
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    Dear Seth, thank you for your idea! I will forward it.

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