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Thread: FAQ - Slim Browser Version error

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    FAQ - Slim Browser Version error


    A Chrome/Flash player plugin error message is shown after start

    In case of an error message from Chrome/Flash Player plugin right after starting the application, you can manually fix the issue with the following steps:
    Exit the application / make sure the game is not running
    Go to game folder of "Might & Magic Heroes Online"
    Create a sub-folder called "plugins"
    Copy the file "pepflashplayer.dll" from your Google Chrome into this new folder
    Edit the file "package.json" in your "Might & Magic Heroes Online" game folder and change the path to the plugin to: "plugins\\pepflashplayer.dll"
    If there is no path: Please add the following to the list of "chromium-args": --ppapi-flash-path="plugins\\pepflashplayer.dll' --ppapi-flash-version=
    The last part is incorrect- it should be
    --ppapi-flash-path='plugins\\pepflashplayer.dll' --ppapi-flash-version=
    Replacing the " with '

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    Hello snakeandy7,

    I have immediately fixed this typo in the FAQ, thank you very much for reporting this!

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