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Thread: tips and strategies to help beginners

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    tips and strategies to help beginners

    tips and stats for beginners and mid level players


    you can see an enemies move and attck range by holding mouse over an enemy
    blue is their movement range and red is their attack range

    if you use long range creatures (archers, ghosts, liches, ext..)
    long range helps alot
    this hero skill is a must and you should get as soon as you can.
    rush also very usefull (espeically for non ranged creatures)
    inspired assault is another usefull skill for when enemies are close to you
    these top 3 are shouts they cost no mana and each hero can use only 1 shout per round and last only 1 round

    other very useful hero skills stun (torpor undead), Warlord's command,
    reinforcements, life drain (undead)

    if you are looking for paticular creatures to fight (for some daily quests)

    if you dont see them or find them teleporting back to town refreshes the creatures on map

    when you first get to leave the temple in act 3 there is a stack of elite creatures (have to do a battle to get to them) that will join you just outside the temple these are elite units and are stronger then what you probablly have at this can also buy the undead units in the excavation site (a little north west from leaving the temple) from a npc there for coins (25 for 12 coins a day) and heaven units in black flag horbor (east and a little north) this is a cheap easy way to get some elite units that will help you

    you can find lots of things on the ground in this area to get the coins/feathers. 2 in the temple just west of the group of guys standing around going up the stairs in the temple you can check these a few times a day plenty of them to get the 12 you need a day
    (coins for undead and feathers for heaven)

    probably a good idea to get 1-2 stacks of healing units to keep your creatures healed untill you get stronger and better creatures

    you can buy champion creatures in the guild area that you cant make in towns
    you can get better gear from the shops in the guild area then the other shops sell. check these a few times a day sometimes they do get different gears more often the the said 24 hours

    use the shrines in guild area before you start a battle to buff you and make you stronger for the battles
    when you get to a battle you want to do click the yellow shield under the mini map to warp you to the guild area use the purple teleport there to get you to the shrine area use all the shrines then click the yellow shield again to teleport back to the battle you want fight (fast and easy)
    the shrines last for 30 mins and can be used again every 30 mins so you can always be buffed

    try to do as many of the daily quests each day as you can to get the much needed crystals for buying upgraded creatures and the champion creatures from guild area


    when first entering a battle look to see if any of your stacks are in range of of tougher creatures that you cant reach yet that have a long attack or movement range. stunning this stack keeps you from getting hit by them and gives you time to get closer to them or work on other stacks first

    caste a different shout each turn then the other person you are doing a coop with. this way you both can have 2 shouts running each round

    using the wait is useful to let the enemies get closer to you so you can reach them. this allows you to still attack in that round once the enemies get closer to you so you can reach them. you can defend at end of round if need be or move closer

    only let them retreat if its your turn other wise they will all get to attack you before they retreat making you lose some creatures
    try to keep your creatures healed so you can let them retreat and not have to fight them all

    if need be stun a stack so you can heal all your creatures before you end a battle or leave a stack that only has a very low amount of creatures in it that wont do much damage to you if they do attack you while healing

    well i hope this helps some of you to do better in your battles

    peace out
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