... If it is a browser game - why my computer must be powerful ?
I play in Asus Eebox - and game every time is slow down . But - a little earler - I , however , played on her in Avast-Safe-Zone browser . And , a week ago slowing of game became a catastrophic : I just moved from one end to another end of one lever of Expedition only while a 10 or 30 minutes !
... I played on russian server , - and now there is no one can`t help me , - it seems , that russian moderators and administrators don`t know , why my game is so much slowes down .
Hey ! I`m a men with poor budget , and I live in Donetsk , - in city between Ukraine and Russia , which is teared by winds of local war . Is it my doom ? Why there isn`t possible an especialy low mode of graphic ?? For which computers this game , who will answer me ?
I`m crazy and despairing , and all my life is no fair .
...I`m played on Kingdoms of Might and Magic Online - this game was incredibly much more democratic , then this .