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Thread: Disconnecting from server

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    Disconnecting from server

    I'm not sure if this has been covered or not, or if anyone really cares or not but.....

    Several times an hour I get a message on screen saying "couldn't connect to server".

    I thought maybe it was my pc playing up so I did all the "clear your cache" "defrag disk" etc tips but still it continues. Also while running around looking for stuff, all buildings, treasure, enemies disappear for a few moments then reappear but I am transported back to where I was a few moments ago.

    Is there a problem with the server? Does it need Rebooting? Has a mouse chewed through a cabled which is now being held together with electrical tape to save money?

    Please fix this issue as I really do enjoy this game, but am starting to play less due to this problem.


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    Same here

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    I find I have to refresh my browser (Firefox or IE) a few times an hour and have gotten used to this.

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