Dear Heroes,

Since a few months there are a lot of players using cheats and exploits in the game, which causes a lot of trouble and frustration. Not only they give our teams a lot of work, they also ruin the game for other players who try to play a fair game!

The use of cheats and/or exploits is strictly forbidden, so is discussing cheats and/or exploits and the distribution of cheats and/or exploits. If you are unsure if something is not allowed, contact our support team before using/acquiring or discussing it.

Boss Troops
Lately we have permanently banned hundreds of accounts of players using boss troops as playable units. Of course we are not going to explain how this all works and how to get them, but if you come across a player or guild using these troops: take a screenshot immediately and submit it to our support team. The use of these troops is not permitted but also the possession of the boss troops will result in getting your account permanently banned.

Raise your swords!
We encourage you to keep reporting players or guilds you suspect of cheating and/or exploiting, this way we will keep the game clean and the gameplay as fair as possible. To the players who are using cheats and/or exploits at the moment: you are no true Heroes anymore and the council of Ashan banishes all of you for your crimes!

Best regards,

Ps. Submitting falsified evidence/screenshots is not permitted and may be punished accordingly. There are many Photoshopped screenshots going around, we know exactly which screenshot is real or not.