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Thread: Issue: Battle Screen Invalid Target on Enemy Stack

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    Thumbs down Issue: Battle Screen Invalid Target on Enemy Stack

    I am on move, my stack is highlighted, and I have put my cursor over enemy units stack (and it's middle of battle screen, no obstacles).
    Sometimes I have to click several times for game to react.
    It constantly says "Invalid Target", and after several clicks (or more) it reacts.
    And I haven't moved cursor a pixel, or a twip, between those clicks.
    There was no reason the first time to say Invalid target.
    Also since I haven't moved cursor (mouse), there was no reason to work later !?

    Thought that issue was related to battle speed.
    But putting battle speed to lower setting doesn't help, issue is still there.

    This is up to become my favorite annoying bug.

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    I too am having this problem.

    Several clicks of the mouse with invalid target, the all of a sudden it works. Doesnt matter what spell/ability i'm trying to use.
    I tried using microsofts Edge browser where i dont get this problem but the browser just doesnt work well on my machine. I currently use Opera which i have found to be best overall for my machine but its just this niggling issue with invalid target that is really annoying.

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    It's currently happening to my heroes now and the devs seemingly can't be bothered to sort it out

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