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Thread: forum "Advanced Search" not so advanced

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    forum "Advanced Search" not so advanced

    Not sure where to post about forum so:
    1. I was searching for term "Hollow Ones" as part of Achievements, need to kill 10000.
      Searching term forum returns god knows how many entries and none is related (think forum searched only for keyword hollow or with OR both words).
      Then I used quotes to refine search, it returned 1 thread which was great.
      But unfortunately that thread contains over 50 replies, that I had to search page by page manually.

      It would be nice for forum to be able to display results as POST not only as THREADS.
      Also like common boards having this option add option how many characters to display in search result with posts.
    2. Also I've tried to search for terms like "Reach 60 Hero Levels" (with quotes),
      since I am displaying only 29/30, and I am dragon level 1, why there is not 30/60?
      Forum advanced search returns "The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search:".
      I didn't search for words I did search for entire term, so why this error?

    thank you

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    You can display search results directly as posts and not threads, if in advanced search you'll click "Search Single Content Type" (multiple content types is the default and doesn't support that option).

    Whenever you are not satisfied with internal search use an external one like or , ect. You can filter their results by adding site: into your search string like this.

    For your second question I can post direct answer: because it does not count dragon knight levels (and level 1 you start with, only level ups). There is other achievement that only counts dragon knight levels and not normal hero levels.

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