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Thread: let me tell u few common tactics before i leave this geme (gokturk)

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    let me tell u few common tactics before i leave this geme


    [2 seraphs(for only guardian angel u will not hit with this troops) / 1 healer / 2 range (marksman,blazing glories, etc) / 1 suncrusader ] - rainforce to suncrusader, seraphs for guardian angel to suncrusader. you need rouse ability and scroll, warlord ability, warlord scroll tount and interdiction. u need min 2,5k defense. this tactic can do 3 might battle in 7 min for raid 1 not fast but before 3 years ago it was good tactic.

    5 fate. bell, time flow and painful bound

    take only one griffin with u. u need arcane and sunbrust,warlord senctuary guardian angel scroll senctuary, soulmark and huge magic and spirit

    1x5 vampire for sacrifice 69x1 vampire for hit .. u need desolation and 3k magic


    For necro and d.knight

    1Faceless and what ever u want, do painful bound to core or elit living unit use mind control and do rainforce. that will affaact to all your troops

    1x5 eldertreats for sacrifice and one unit for hit. u need painful bound too / 3 faceless 3 /3 faceless 3 vampireloard

    knight: 1 elder 5 t.birds / 3 faceless 3 /3 faceless 3 vampireloard

    cleric: 3 faceless 2,
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    Those are PvE tactics, not PvP as location it was posted in suggests.

    Since 3 years ago praetorians surpass sun crusaders as tanks as far as knight is concerned. Knights got heal core to maintain them without priests, they don't have weakness to darkness like crusaders now do, and their resistances can be boosted a lot from equipment, especially expedition sets. Sun crusaders have advantage in movement and their weakness doesn't matter if foes have no darkness damage, but are mostly useful to clerics who have innate ability to heal them. Due to abundance of healing it's generally a bad idea to reinforce tanks if you face any decent foe, especially for haven, who have succour passive. Either wait with reinforcements until the end, to have no losses in between your last heal and end of battle, or use it on something that does damage. Of course, neither heal nor succour will work if you don't have heroic support. Also, you have to be aware of anything that lowers tank's resistances. Griffins, supported by block ability or scrolls, can well withstand being surrounded by many enemies and hold those in place as long as they have melee might damage type.

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