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Thread: Cannot complete main quest: The third objective disappeared.

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    Cannot complete main quest: The third objective disappeared.


    I am currently on "Paying the ferrymen" quest in whispering plains. The quest objective was to defeat faceless stacks and collect 3 "obolis".

    When I defeated after defeating the third stack of beasts and going back to the ferrymen, I notice a couple of things.

    1. After defeating the third beast, the quest tracker on the map disappeared.
    2. On the quest list, it shows that I only got two obolis when I got three.
    3. I tried defeating all faceless around the area and also re logging in many times.

    I have been for repeating step three for a week and a half now. I'm wondering if this is a bug or me just getting lost.

    Note: when I got the three obolis(which you get in-battle) instead of collecting them manually I just defeated all creatures...

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    You will have to write directly to the support team. This bug can not be resolved here.

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