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Thread: !!!!Necropiliis Guild Arising!!!!!

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    Cool !!!!Necropiliis Guild Arising!!!!!

    Necropiliis Guild Arising - lookiing for kind active players only!
    The Necropiliis guild is made up of 3 guilds total, Necrooliis, NecropliisDK, NecroplosiisCL,
    The guilds are split According to the hero classes - Necropoliis is for all heroes at lvls below 30/10 - has ,with most of the best duellings and all shrines,
    All the other subguilds are for proffesional good, active players with additional duellings useful according to class - for exampls the dk guild has trees and spiders for deso battles, and the cleric guild has angels and the the blessed in addition to the other duellings.
    All members Are Welcomed - but please - part of the guild TOP (terms of playing) is that alll members are kind to each other and no trash talking will be accepted!
    -- That being said --
    Guilds are for fun only - so anyone whatever his lvl who fails to comply will not remian in guild.
    The guild rules are as follows - All artifacts in any exped gate - can be picked up by everyone.
    Dust, orbs And spheres go only to guild leader.
    All members start off as regular members and according to the participation amount, they will be promoted and every month the leading player will recieve a monthly shrad of experience and another random bonus from the leader.
    all top 3 spots after the number one player will also recieve a random prize from shop.
    to join the guild ask sunsine, mightymax or imconusedK and invitations will be sent
    Thank you for keeping ashan safe and for playing with others - rember - playing is only as good as it gets so be kind and helpul to others so all can enjoy this wonderful game!!
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