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Thread: Vindicta Recruiting Two Mature Gamers

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    Vindicta Recruiting Mature Gamers

    Vindicta is looking for mature gamers to work on the restoration of its Guild Province

    Vindicta Meaning = Old Latin for vengeance
    Guild language = English, we can accept only mature gamers who are able to communicate in English
    Hero Class = Any character Class regardless of level
    Guild Leader = Tripwire
    Invitation Contacts = RSVP Tripwire or _Maleficent_ or Catseye, or Kingchadmae by mail to set an invitation time/date

    Disclaimer = Vindicta is an online game guild, not a social service gimme, hence in the same manner JFK used in his 1961 Inaugural Speech: "Ask not what your guild can do for you, ask what you can do for your guild!"

    As of March 2020 this offer is still on. Send mail to any of the above Contacts for invite.

    All shrines open. Dwellings in restoration: Spectres, PitLords, TranquilityGuardians, DriftingFaceless, Liches, Thunderbirds, BlazingGlories, FateWeavers, Elders. We have a restored Archlich dwelling as well.
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    I would be interested Fuego.I got kicked out after a year in 1 guild.

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