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    23:28 MyNameIsAnda what a great night.
    23:28 Aker3 is always
    23:28 MyNameIsAnda temperature is perfect, I have no sleep.
    23:29 Aker3 me neither
    23:29 Aker3 i burn for days
    23:29 MyNameIsAnda so how are Heroes tonight?
    23:29 Aker3 you know what they say about my zodiac?
    23:29 Aker3 they get to be cooked alive
    23:30 Aker3 kanye, west favourite german interpret said that
    23:30 Aker3 peter fox
    23:30 Aker3
    23:31 Aker3 love lockdown he made aftert this sing
    23:31 MyNameIsAnda sowwy Aker, but aren't we on ignoring eacg other, is a win win situation for everyone.
    23:32 Aker3 yes thank you
    23:32 MyNameIsAnda perfect then you can shut till I go tol sleep, thank you again.
    23:32 Aker3 for nothing
    23:33 MyNameIsAnda Exactly what yo give.
    23:33 Aker3 not raids yes
    23:33 Aker3 only youtube songs let me burn in hell for it
    23:34 MyNameIsAnda can you do that in other game? anyway in one month you will be away.
    23:34 Aker3 you see why do you need to fire it up
    23:34 Aker3 i try to coexist
    23:34 MyNameIsAnda seriously? hypocrite. lol
    23:35 Aker3 i dont want you not to speak just we stay away
    23:35 MyNameIsAnda Then why asked Xyron to kick me from Circle?
    23:35 Aker3 it was my fault
    23:35 Aker3 i was drunk 6 months ago
    23:35 MyNameIsAnda because?
    23:35 Aker3 and i got emotional
    23:35 Aker3 i said things friendly
    23:35 Aker3 and then i got emails
    23:35 Aker3 i dont hate you
    23:35 MyNameIsAnda I don't care. You a grown up man anot a kiddo, if you drunken go on rehab.
    23:36 Aker3 you see
    23:36 Aker3 i can drink how much i want as long you dont pay for it
    23:36 Aker3 its not your cause
    23:36 MyNameIsAnda hate me? oh, you love me then?
    23:36 Aker3 no, thats why i try to explain
    23:36 Aker3 no love from me, i still look for someone else
    23:36 MyNameIsAnda explalin me this ..
    23:36 Aker3 im sorry if i send false signals
    23:36 MyNameIsAnda simple question ...
    23:37 Aker3 i was just confused
    23:37 MyNameIsAnda why you asked Xyron to kick me from guild?
    23:37 Aker3 please excuse burry the past
    23:37 MyNameIsAnda you are always confusd, dude.
    23:37 Aker3 because you asked me to leave the game
    23:37 Aker3 you have no power over me
    23:37 Aker3 you have no sporit
    23:37 Breige hello
    23:37 MyNameIsAnda ah! did I?
    23:37 Aker3 i gave 3 warnings
    23:37 Aker3 yes
    23:37 Aker3 you said alex please leave the game
    23:37 MyNameIsAnda what's a sporit?
    23:37 Aker3 that hurt me
    23:37 Aker3 spirit is, not to attack players
    23:38 Aker3 to coexist
    23:38 Aker3 and see what happens
    23:38 MyNameIsAnda ah, soooo that why you asked Xyron to kick from a guild on who I helped to be built.
    23:38 Aker3 nobody ever did anything good form fighting
    23:38 MyNameIsAnda Shut up.
    23:38 Breige who wants popcorn?
    23:38 Aker3 what the 1000 prestige points on merchant?
    23:38 Aker3 i give you that back
    23:38 MyNameIsAnda You are such a hypocrite,
    23:39 Aker3 for the 1000 fights for t13
    23:39 eatdacleric breige pass it over
    23:39 MyNameIsAnda Breige meeeee.
    23:39 Aker3 anda, im not your enemy
    23:39 MyNameIsAnda and a Pepsi.
    23:39 Aker3 i said im sorry, if i send wrong signals
    23:39 Breige lol * gives popcorn to the cleric
    23:39 Aker3 i apologize
    23:39 Aker3 i was in a tight situation
    23:39 Breige *pepsi for Anda
    23:39 MyNameIsAnda Aker, you are nothing, keep that idea deeep in your head, you have this game and nothign else.
    23:39 Breige I prfer coke
    23:40 Aker3 that is what you think lady
    23:40 MyNameIsAnda Thank you, Breige :0
    23:40 Aker3 that is what everyone else reads
    23:40 Breige yw
    23:40 Aker3 but i would not have this strenght without real love
    23:40 Aker3 i have people who support me, stop fighting me please
    23:40 Breige Aker, what's up?
    23:40 Aker3 i tried to be good to you in first place
    23:41 Aker3 notiing, i feel i die soon, need to bring my sheeps to my hypocrite hut
    23:41 MyNameIsAnda Aker you here hours, doing nothing, except finding Heroes, noobs usually to give them false impresson that you know what you do.
    23:41 Aker3 noobs yes?
    23:41 Aker3 these are 40 50 year old people who need to spend some time
    23:41 MyNameIsAnda c'mon people who support Aker, come out.
    23:41 Aker3 why do you fight me?
    23:41 Breige oww, don't tell anyone my age
    23:41 Aker3 be nice dont you understand?
    23:42 MyNameIsAnda LMAO so a 40s players is having a handicap?
    23:42 Aker3 dont fight me, you make yourself look bad
    23:42 Breige he helps me
    23:42 Aker3 these are not the people you know
    23:42 MyNameIsAnda be nice?
    23:42 Aker3 these are new people anda
    23:42 eatdacleric he helps me alot too
    23:42 Aker3 lets not fight
    23:42 MyNameIsAnda for last time, Aker, one question.
    23:42 Aker3 anda helped me a lot too
    23:42 Aker3 yes go ahead
    23:42 MyNameIsAnda Why you asked Xyron to kjick me from Circle?
    23:42 Aker3 i warned you 3 times to let it be
    23:43 Breige oh this is guid politics
    23:43 Aker3 you beeing leade rin circle was my decision
    23:43 Aker3 the ungrateful
    23:43 Aker3 the gift is taken away
    23:43 MyNameIsAnda Becasue you wanna rule the Heroes? The world? Your small brain full with drink?
    23:43 Aker3 my brain can be small
    23:43 Aker3 but i dont attack others and tell them to quit a lovley game
    23:44 MyNameIsAnda Aker you never did anything in this game except destroying, dwelling, shrines, guilds, that's why you are a ....
    23:44 MyNameIsAnda what are you?
    23:44 Aker3 what?
    23:44 sunsine Whispers u kicked her from circle? lol))) u are the man!!
    23:44 Aker3 destorying?
    23:44 sunsine )
    23:44 Aker3 why do you sy that anda
    23:44 Aker3 this is totally *** up
    23:44 Breige so I tried to hel another player with a boss last failure, we had to surrender
    23:44 Aker3 i can name you 10 people whom i helped build something
    23:44 sunsine dont fight anda hes good guy
    23:44 Aker3 anda is a good womn
    23:44 MyNameIsAnda because you did it. I am so impressed in you when you rembeber only the small acts you did.
    23:45 Aker3 what small acts?
    23:45 eatdacleric only reason anyone would ever destroy a dwelling is to rebuild a better one in its place
    23:45 Aker3 i did nothiing then imrpove
    23:45 Aker3 i dont fight you
    23:45 Aker3 you hate me for a reason
    23:45 Aker3 let it be with you
    23:45 Aker3 i called it a truce
    23:45 Aker3 i said sorry
    23:45 MyNameIsAnda no eat, he destroyed and left the guild.
    23:45 Aker3 i tried many times
    23:45 MyNameIsAnda he was drunk.
    23:45 sunsine lol)
    23:45 Aker3 this is not true, everyone who knows me know that
    23:45 MyNameIsAnda I don't hate you Alex, I ity you.
    23:46 Aker3 you are little off your medicine
    23:46 MyNameIsAnda So Xyron lies?
    23:46 MyNameIsAnda aham.
    23:46 Aker3 xyron told you this?
    23:46 sunsine i love these - i was falling asleeep.. but thus bettter then cinema)
    23:46 MyNameIsAnda my medicine?
    23:46 sunsine lol
    23:46 Aker3 you want me to mscreenshot the whole conversation?
    23:46 MyNameIsAnda what medicine is that?
    23:46 Aker3 for nona andf xyron?
    23:46 sunsine yes
    23:46 Aker3 ok lovley
    23:46 sunsine for me)
    23:46 Aker3 good job
    23:46 Aker3 you just gked yourself
    23:46 Aker3 fked
    23:46 MyNameIsAnda gked?
    23:47 MyNameIsAnda no, that was two days ago.
    23:47 sunsine omg - i cant stop laughing...
    23:47 Aker3 you explain now nona the difference
    23:47 MyNameIsAnda why don't you let Nona out of this?
    23:47 Aker3 i never seen a snake big as you
    23:47 sunsine there are hotel for that ppl
    23:47 Breige lol sun
    23:48 sunsine ))
    23:48 MyNameIsAnda I disagree, was a movie Anaconda with J Lo.
    23:48 Aker3 ypou are mentally destroeyed to accuse me of harming a gzuild i buiolt
    23:48 Aker3 without fking
    23:48 Aker3 without goung out
    23:48 sunsine lol))))))
    23:48 Aker3 without anything i spent my time for this people
    23:48 Aker3 karma is a *** just watch
    23:48 MyNameIsAnda Aker, sweetie, how much you drunk today?
    23:48 Aker3 b i a t c h
    23:48 Aker3 never i drink enough so you are over me

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    I agree, I got mad, and went above the rules.

    but MyNameIsAnda, is sharing false information about former Moderators, their Pictures, and is lying.

    Elang and other player have been mobbed out of this game. She is not helping, she is delusive, so many player used bad words in the past month in the chat.

    The support from the team, managing this game, is very hard to Understand.

    Do you Ban people by feeling or rules?!

    Why do I need to defend myself, when you as support does not take action against the harssment I get?

    I have asked friendly to be left alone, MyNameIsAnda, wrote me emails with "I love you" and has joined raid paties only to cause a reaction.

    These are not decisions made with a clear mind. Other players stated that Anda and another moderator are "up to ban aker"

    Police man disguise as drug dealers, to get someone to do something bad. Is just as Harrasing people in the game to cause a reaction to get them Banned.

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    You are very wrong.

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    There was a Contract signed, and there will be legal steps take. Why does MyNameIsAnda, sharing information about Moderators and other players?

    This is clearly a Violation and a double standard use to Harras other players, coverd by weak minded support for a game where poeple play to get together, not to dived and conquer.

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    everything in the transcript is a lie,

    many player can PROVE, i never destroyed anything.

    it is a clear lie forged to get a reaction, and that is what psychopaths do.

    MyNameIsAnda, is a very poor personality for doing this. I hope you open your eyes.

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    27/11/2018 16:20 - nathaniel933 wrote:

    Hello, this is a very serious situation.

    Last weekend, I was writing in Global About how to fix a bug, which is based
    on a Failure of the game.

    The situation is about AutoBattles - on which when you start them you need to
    instant refresh. In order to make them function right, without refresh you
    need to wait few seconds between start and enter the battle.

    Also I did wrote about how to use game mechanics on Desolation, in Cheiftain
    fights - which i did never speak out how.

    I got ban without Reason and this is not a personal decision, this is
    harassment from the MOD_Nasos which could gave me a chat ban if there was
    something wrong, instead he waited, and tried to make it look like i did
    something wrong.

    I report hereby MOD_Nasos for harassment, and false conduct, and I wish that
    this Chat ban for hero _Corsaire is reviewd.

    At no point I did advertise an Exploit, and without proof, the Ban is clearly
    based on personal competition interest.

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    Dear Alex,

    This is to inform you that you have received an official warning on your account. The reason for this official warning is admitting in the chats you are planning on skipping and declining battles until you've got your friend in the battle. This is considered cheating and exploiting and therefore against the rules, please be more careful to follow the rules in the future.

    If you continue to breach the rules you risk your account being (permanently) banned without further warnings. This ban will be final and is not to be discussed.

    Please find the link to the rules of conduct and (re)read them carefully:

    Best regards,
    Your Might & Magic Heroes Online Team


    Blue Byte GmbH
    Adlerstr. 74
    40211 Düsseldorf

    CEO: Yves Guillemot, Adlerstr. 74, 40211 Düsseldorf

    Court of registration and registration number: Düsseldorf HRB 51772

    Registered office:
    Düsseldorf, Germany

    VAT ID number.: DE243105608

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    You have banned me 3 times.

    3 times without any ground.

    3 times it was because of MOD_Nasos & MyNameIsAnda.

    In none of this cases my please for the case to be revised was taken seriosuly.

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    do me a favor and ask Anda if she really has proof for what she said.

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