Just come back to the game and i find might heroes so difficult to play.
- Might has only 2 turns, no damage absorb, healing is for low troops ; higher troops such as glories can't be healed. Priest heal have only 2 charge and single target heal so only option left is scroll of regeneration, but not healing right away
- Crowd control is mainly glories with blind for 2 turns. and no slow spell either
- Initiative is also low which cause some mob attack first and do AOE damage.
- As for later game , creatures always hit hard and no tank is able to withstand make it more difficult to heal them back. For creature with power over 60k, they always have 7 to 8 stacks, while we have only 6 slot

so how we can fight without losing unit?

i am currently try to let the unit without using crystal to buy for tanking , 4 glories to crowd control and priest for heal. But mobs not always hit that tanker, even they hit tanker first, but with 3 to 4 mobs hit first, priest can't heal back; so they more likely to die in round 2 to 3. Crowd control also difficult since some unable to control while they can get close really fast. Not even counting range and AOE damage which make 3 to 4 unit losing at the same time